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08 Crowdfunding

Golem Crowdfunding

Total created 1000000000 GNT

Funds raised 820 000 ETH / 100% of cap

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08.1 Crowdfunding

About crowdfunding process

Crowdfunding is now over!

To learn details on how the crowdfunding contract works please refer to this blog post and to read more on the crowdfunding structure please refer to Explanatory Note & Governance Terms.






Worldwide Supercomputer

Golem is the first truly decentralized, global market for computing power. Combined with flexible tools to aid developers in distributing and monetizing their software, Golem altogether changes the way compute-intensive tasks are both organized and executed. Golem is set to become one of the key building blocks of future Internet by providing a platform for decentralized microservices. And, by substantially lowering the price of computations, complex applications such as CGI rendering, scientific calculation, and machine learning become more accessible to everyone.

Golem Network Token

The Golem Network Token (GNT) account is created during the crowdfunding. GNT is a crucial element of Golem network and will be designed to ensure flexibility and control over future evolution of the project. Following the first release version of Golem, GNT will be attributed a variety of functions in the Golem network.

Payments from requestors to providers for resource usage, and remuneration for software developers is going to be exclusively conducted in GNT.

Once the Application Registry and Transaction Framework are implemented, GNT will also be required for other interactions with Golem, such as submitting deposits by providers and software developers or participation in the process of software validation and certification (as described in the Application Registry section). The general conditions for using GNT will be set in the Transaction Framework, but specific forms of these interactions will be possible to define within each software integration.