02 Docs

Golem's Docs

  • We do not keep a copy of your password. Remember to write it down, otherwise there will be no option to recover it.
  • We do not have access to your private key. Remember to include it in your backup otherwise there will be no option to recover it.
  • You should not keep large amounts of GNT and ETH in the beta version of the software, it should be considered as a hot wallet.
  • Golem is still in the early stages of building a network, so it may happen that as a Provider you will not get tasks to compute, and therefore you will not earn tokens for sharing your resources.
  • We are preparing Concents to increase fairness inside the network, for now you are not guaranteed to get payments for work done in Beta.
  • We use batch transactions to minimize the cost of transactions, so if you use Golem as a Provider you may wait for transfers for a maximum of 24h.
  • You may experience some issues if you have not updated your Golem to the newest version, including getting and sending tasks to the network.
  • If you set reputation too high for interactions inside the network in your Node, or if your Node has to low reputation in the network you may not get tasks to compute and your tasks may not be computed.
  • If your Node was added to the blacklist you may not get tasks to compute.
  • You may experience some issues if, as a Provider, you set up too high a price for the incoming Tasks, or as a Requestor if you set a too low price for your Tasks.
  • You may also experience some issues if your Node does not have enough CPU and RAM for incoming Tasks.
  • If you are rendering heavy tasks on Golem please make sure that you share/provide Golem with RAM (more than 8GB may be needed) to properly verify a task.
  • Remember that we are here to help you, so if you are not sure about something just ask us on our Rocket Chat on chat.golem.network

Note: If your task times out halfway through, you will still pay for subtasks computed. If you are rendering an animation rather than a still image, it is best to have your subtask amount match your frame amount. This means that if a timeout occurs, but some of your subtasks were still computed, you can re-submit the task with the previously completed subtasks removed to avoid rendering them twice (and paying for them twice).