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Video tutorial: Installing Golem on Windows 10

Pre-Installation checklist

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Step by step: Installing Golem on Windows 10

Instructions below were based on screenshots from Golem v0.15.1

  1. Download latest Windows installer from here

  2. Launch installer

  1. The installer will extract all necessary files for prerequisites and will launch itself

  1. Click "next"

  1. Make sure that Docker Toolbox and Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 are checked

  1. Click "next"

  2. Docker Toolbox and Microsoft Visual C++ are required prerequisites and installing them can take some time

  1. Allow (by clicking "yes") both Docker Toolbox and Microsoft Visual C++ to make changes on your device to be sure that Golem could work properly

  1. Golem Setup Wizard will launch

  1. Click "next"

  2. Accept License Agreement

  1. Select location

  1. Click "next"

  2. Choose what kind of Golem Dapp shortcuts you want to have

  1. Click "Install" to begin installation

  1. Allow Golem to make changes on your device

  1. You have properly installed Golem Dapp!

  1. Click "finish"

  2. Restart computer

  1. You should be presented with two icons on your desktop: "Golem Testnet" and "Golem Mainnet". As they work separately, you will have two different setups for your testnet and mainnet application (username, password, wallet). For the purpose of this tutorial we chose Mainnet

  1. You will be asked to check if your ports 40102, 40103 and 3282 are forwarded, or if you have public IP. It is important, as without it Golem will not work. You can learn more here

  1. The app will inform you that you are running the mainnet or testnet version

  1. You will have to scroll all the way down to be able to accept the user interaction guidelines and disclaimer You will also be able to confirm that you want to help Golem team by sending your statistics anonymously (these are traceback errors to help improve the tool, not personal data)

  1. At this stage, VirtualBox will ask you if you want it to make changes on your device

  1. Click "yes"

  2. It is time to create your unique Golem password. It is crucial to remember that with Golem (and all decentralized applications) you are the only owner of your account, so there is no way of recovering your password as we don’t have access to it

  1. Choose your new Golem password, and confirm it in the second input

  1. Your unique Golem User ID is going to be created. It can take some time (3-20 minutes depending on the speed of your machine), so please be patient

  1. At this stage golem.exe will try to connect to the network, so your Windows defender may require allowing access to the network

  1. Node js. Is also part of Golem, so if your Windows firewall asks for hyperg.exe access, allow the connection

  1. Just to be sure that you own your password you will be presented with the option of printing it or saving it as .pdf file

  1. You will be asked to choose your username that will be visible at Stats page

  1. You will be presented with short onboarding screens showing you the app

  2. This is what a properly installed Golem Dapp looks like. Enjoy! And if you have any questions feel free to talk to us with contact@golem.network or Golem chat