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Video tutorial: Installing Golem on Windows 10

Pre-Installation checklist

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Step by step: Installing Golem on Windows 10

Instructions below were based on screenshots from Golem v0.19.0

  1. Download latest Windows installer from here

  2. Launch installer

  1. The installer will extract all necessary files for prerequisites and will launch itself

  1. Click "next"

  1. Make sure Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 is checked and click "next"

  1. Allow (by clicking "yes") Microsoft Visual C++ to make changes on your device to be sure that Golem could work properly

  1. If you’re upgrading from versions prior to 0.19.x, be aware that Brass Golem Beta 0.19+ uses Docker for Windows. Docker for Windows comes with a new type of virtualization support: Hyper-V (Windows Server Virtualization) in place of the old Docker Toolbox. This virtualization change should provide a more stable environment for Golem nodes, but it does not come without difficulties.

Please be aware that if you are using any other virtualization software (for eg. Docker Toolbox, VMware), do not install Hyper-V as this could potentially impact performance. If you encounter any problems with Hyper-V you can still uninstall it, and try to run Golem with Docker Toolbox.

Also if you are a Windows 10 Home user you will not be able to install Hyper-V as it's not supported. Fortunately, we have kept Docker Toolbox support in this case.

After installation of Docker Toolbox restart your machine and then run Golem.

The only downside is, that you will have to install Docker Toolbox manually (Follow detailed instructions on Docker Toolbox website) from now on, as it's no longer part of the install package.

By clicking "Yes" you agree to install Hyper-V on your machine.

  1. Golem Setup Wizard will launch

  1. Accept License Agreement

  1. Select location

  1. Choose what kind of Golem Dapp shortcuts you want to have

  1. Click "Install" to begin installation

  1. Allow Golem to make changes on your device

  1. Golem will install on your computer

  1. Click "finish"

  1. Restart computer