04 Docs

Golem's Docs


The Golem app will open to the Network tab. In this view you can:

  • Access your wallet
  • Start and Stop Golem - Connect/Disconnect to/from the network
  • Adjust the amount of computing power you wish to share
  • View transactions in History
  • Access Advanced Resource Allocation settings
  • View your connection status (nodes, errors, etc)
  • Switch between Network and Task views
  • Access help docs and App Settings

Note: You must stop Golem to set or change your computing power settings, network trust, price thresholds, and other settings.


In the collapsed wallet view you can check your GNT/ETH balance along with its estimated USD value. The basic value display is restricted to 0.0000, but when you click in the balance, you will be able to check the exact amount that you currently have.

You can also expand the wallet in order to get access to withdrawals and deposits account options. If you want to learn more go to the Depositing and Withdrawing Tokens section

Remember that on the testnet there are no withdraws, and there is no address to top up your account provided. Remember while on mainnet that once you send any tokens to the provided address there is no option to cancel it.

If you have requested a task you may not be able to withdraw some ETH that was locked for security and transaction costs until the payment is made. It won’t take longer than 24 hours.


The Resources view shows a slider where you can easily set the amount of computing power you want to share with Requestors.

The slider goes from 0 to 100, least power to most power. At 100 Golem will still leave at least 1 core of your processor unused so you can continue to use your machine for personal tasks. The more computing power you share, the more likely you are to get assigned a task from the network as your computer will be completing tasks at a faster rate.

When submitting tasks to the network as a Requestor, it is important to share enough computing power to allow the local render test to verify your task. If you cannot complete the local render test, you will not be able to submit a task.


The History view allows you to view both amounts spent and earned when sharing computing power and submitting tasks. The price shown is the price per subtask completed. We use batch transactions to minimize the cost of transactions, so if you use Golem as a Provider you may wait for transfers for a maximum of 24h.


The Advanced view allows you set a more precise allocation of your computing power. You can adjust individual controls of CPU, RAM, and Disk Space. You can save multiple presets for different configurations.

Note: You must stop Golem to set or change your computing power settings.


In the Tasks tab you can submit a task by dragging and dropping your Blender or LuxRender (LuxRender is testnet only) files into the app. You can also add folders including required assets. In this view you can:

  • Access your wallet
  • Submit a task
  • Monitor progress of your tasks
  • View completed tasks
  • Toggle the task preview option
  • Open more detailed preview window
  • Access help docs and App Settings

Submit a task

On the bottom left corner you will see a status icon: If it show a green circle with the message “Golem is Ready!” you can submit a task, or wait around for a task to be assigned to you. For more go to the Submitting a Task section Monitor progress of your task You can keep track of time that it takes to compute your task. If you want to know more about timeout settings please read Task and Subtask Timeouts section

View completed tasks

You can easily go through all the tasks that completed with success. You can delete completed tasks to make room for others, this does not delete the final product which is saved to your desired file location, it merely cleans up the UI. Clicking the arrow icon to the right on a task will take you to the Task settings.

Toggle the task preview option

On the bottom right corner of the this view you can toggle a switch to show a preview of your render.

Open more detailed preview window

If your task had a significant number of frames we highly recommend you use more detailed preview window to see all the computing and finished subtasks.