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Golem's Docs

Docker Errors

If you see the following error in your logs

ERROR [golem.docker.manager] DockerMachine: failed to start the VM: Command '['docker-machine', 'start', 'golem']' returned non-zero exit status 1 Error checking TLS connection: machine does not exist

Type the following commands in the command line:


docker-machine create golem --driver virtualbox docker-machine start golem docker-machine env golem

On Windows:

docker-machine create --driver virtualbox golem

This will create and engage the necessary drivers for your docker machine

Now you can restart Golem and test.

On Windows:

@FOR /f "tokens=*" %i IN ('docker-machine env golem') DO @%i

If you still have issues starting docker you may need to clear the cache. DO NOT do this if you use docker for other programs, unless you want to lose your work. If you use docker only for Golem then feel free to run this command:

sudo rm -rf ~/.docker

On Mac: Since 0.18.0 Golem uses Docker for Mac, the first step is to make sure that all previous Docker instances are removed from your machine. Open terminal and type:

_docker-machine rm golem _brew uninstall --ignore-dependencies docker docker-machine docker-machine-driver-xhyve

And type these commands below to upgrade Golem:

_brew update _brew upgrade golem _brew cask upgrade golem

Remember! Before you run Golem be sure to run Docker for Mac. Cmd + space bar, type Docker and hit enter. Make sure that Docker is running properly. If you encounter any issues with the Docker for Mac please follow instructions https://docs.docker.com/docker-for-mac

Submitted a task and stuck at waiting

Check to see if your ports are forwarded correctly. Check ports 3282, 40102 and 40103 on canyouseeme.org

If you don't have a public ip, your router doesn't support UPnP, you need to forward ports 40102,40103 and 3282 to your machine from your router for Golem to accept tasks. Refer https://bitcoin.org/en/full-node#enabling-connections for port forwarding instructions but use above ports instead. You may also need to open the ports through your firewall. For router specific instructions on how to forward your ports go to https://portforward.com/

If this still does not work, check your firewall settings or call your ISP to grant access for Golem to the ports in question.