09.2 Docs

Golem's Docs

In order for Golem to work it needs to create a Docker VM, this allows for computations to be completed in an isolated environement from the Requestor and Provider host machines. Below you will see a list of common Docker Errors from Golem.log files, along with some troubleshooting tips.

If you cannot find your golem.log file, check here for instructions on log locations.

Error Creating Docker VM

ERROR golem.docker.manager b"VirtualBox: error creating VM 'golem': Command '['docker-machine', 'create', '--driver', 'virtualbox', 'golem']' returned non-zero exit status 3."

WARNING golem.docker.manager b'DockerMachine: failed to env the VM: Command '['docker-machine', 'env', '--shell', 'cmd', 'golem']'

If you see either of these two errors in your golem.log file, then follow these troubleshooting steps:

  • Shutdown the Golem App

  • Open Docker Quickstart Terminal (You can find it in your programs or as an icon on your desktop)

  • Run the following commands in Docker Quickstart Terminal one at a time:

docker-machine ls

This command shows if docker is running any errors. It is good to run this command before and after running any of the following docker commands to see if the error is solved.

docker-machine restart golem

This will restart docker’s golem instance.

docker-machine rm golem

This will remove the docker container.

Outside of the Docker Quickstart Terminal you can remove .docker C:\Users\%USER%.docker\machine\machines\golem

You can search for this directory in your Windows search bar and remove it. This will force remove the docker machine from the docker directory. Then run the following command in Docker Quickstart Terminal:

docker-machine create golem --driver virtualbox

This will create and engage the necessary drivers for your docker machine

  • Now you can restart Golem and test.

Docker Directory Error

_WARNING golem.docker.taskthread Task stderr:/usr/bin/python: can't open file '/golem/work/job.py': [Errno 2] No such file or directory

If you receive this error in your golem.log file, then the directory for the docker and data drive is not using the same hard drive as your Golem app. You just need to move your docker directory to the same hard drive as your Golem directory.

Further Troubleshooting

If you run the docker recovery commands and still recieve errors, you can rerun the commands with the debug flag to get more information.

The first one is docker-machine -D ls this will show your active machines and errors if there are any, specific errors can be googled or searched in docker's github for more troubleshooting options. You can also send your debug return errors to chat.golem.network or contact@golem.network

If docker-machine ls shows normal you can try re-creating the machine. Make sure golem is off during these commands.

docker-machine -D rm golem

followed by `

docker-machine -D create --driver xhyve --xhyve-virtio-9p golem

After running these commands if any errors show in the debug return, then you can search for the specific error or contact us for further troubleshooting options. If you receive no errors, you can run docker-machine ls again, then if no errors show you can try to run golem again.

The 3rd level of troubleshooting ( if all above seem to fail ) is a bit destructive ( for docker ) please do not run the following command if you use docker for any other programs besides Golem.

Again, make sure golem is not running when running this command in Docker Quickstart Terminal.

sudo rm -rf ~/.docker

followed by

docker-machine -D create --driver xhyve --xhyve-virtio-9p golem

This should fix most issues. You can run >docker-machine ls again and if no errors show try running golem.

If you continue to see errors, then the debug flag (-D) should reveal the problem.