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Backing Up Your Golem App

We recommend backing up your Golem app after installing. This will allow you to restore your Golem node if your machine crashes and you need to install your node on another computer without starting from scratch with your reputation.

The default folder locations will be used, if you use a custom data-dir the same steps apply from that folder. We will only focus on the mainnet settings and keys, replace the mainnet folder with rinkeby to target the testnet settings.

The default data directory can be found in /golem/, the location of USER_DATA differs per OS:

  • Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%\golem\golem\
  • Mac Os: ~/Library/Application Support/golem
  • Linux: ~/.local/share/golem/

On windows %LOCALAPPDATA% is by default: C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Roaming From this data directory you want to include in your backup:

  • Ethereum keys: default/mainnet/transaction_system & default/mainnet/keys/keystore.json
  • GUI settings: config.json (for Linux home.config\golem\config.json)
  • Golem settings:
    • default/mainnet/app_cfg.ini
    • default/mainnet/environments.ini
    • default/mainnet/golem.db

Note: If you want to exclude local temp/render files from your backup you can exclude ~/Library/Application Support/golem/cache from your backup procedure. You can also exclude your hyperg folder but you must be logged out of the Golem app to do so.

Restoring your backup

To restore your settings and keys, move all the files back to the original locations mentioned above before running golem. Please note: In the current version it is not supported to restore the backup on another OS, or another user account, use this at own risk.