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In order to participate in the Golem network as a Requestor, you will need some amount of GNT and ETH. If you are going to participate as a Provider you will need a small amount of ETH for withdrawals. If you have GNT and/or ETH stored in an external wallet, all you need to do is send your tokens to the public key of your Golem wallet. The exact location of the in-app wallet keys are inside the app directories under /keys/keystore.json

Important: Do not use your Golem Wallet outside of the app

You should not use Golem’s wallet outside the Golem app. Trying to perform any operations on your address with external applications like MEW or other wallets may cause errors and you may be required to install a clean Golem app from scratch. You won’t lose your funds, you will still be able to withdraw them from your address to external applications.

Can I deposit and withdraw real GNT and ETH during the Alpha test?

Since we are in the Alpha stage our first POC, all GNT on the app is test GNT (tGNT) and has no value outside of the app. We have purposely removed deposit and withdrawal options from the Alpha test because they are not necessary. Do not under any circumstances attempt to send real GNT to your node ID, you will lose your tokens permanently and we cannot get them back for you.

The same goes for ETH. All ETH balances you see on the Alpha app are test ETH (tETH). The Golem alpha is being run on the Rinkeby Testnet, and no ETH holds value on this testnet. Please do not send any real ETH to your node ID or the Golem Smart Contract address. You will lose your tokens forever, and we cannot get them back for you.

When we launch the mainnet version of the app, we will have deposit and withdrawal options for real GNT.


Click the arrow to the right of your token balances display to expand your wallet settings.

From here you can copy the public key listed where it says “Your Address”. Send GNT and/or ETH to this address using your personal wallet or exchange service. Remember that in order to perform computations in the network you will need some small amount of ETH (0.005 ETH is a good start)


Click the arrow to the right of your token balances display to expand your wallet settings.

Click the “withdraw” button underneath the token balance from which you wish to withdraw. Choose the amount of GNT or ETH you wish to withdraw and enter the public key of the personal wallet or exchange to which you wish to withdraw your tokens.

Click “Apply”