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Golem's Docs

Thank you for your interest in using Golem! We have worked extremely hard to bring our app into the world, and we couldn’t have done it without our dedicated users and testers.

The current version of the app available for use is our Brass Golem Beta. We have built a version of Golem that is good enough for a mainnet release, but we need help from our users to continue to test and help us improve the product from a usability, UX, and technical perspective. Beta releases still tend to have bugs, products evolve as user needs change, and the Golem team is dedicated to putting user feedback into action. Before you download and install the mainnet Beta of Brass please review our Terms and Conditions and User Interaction Guidelines carefully.

As a Beta user there are some important conditions and risks that you must understand when using this app:

  • Brass Golem is now on the mainnet, using real GNT and ETH. This is great news, as you can use the app to earn money and pay for computations. Users must take care when setting prices and depositing GNT or ETH for use in the app. In the cryptoworld, there is no reversing transactions. If you lose GNT because you sent it to the wrong address or it was lost due to an unknown bug in the software, you cannot get it back.
  • The app is likely to have bugs in the UI. If you identify any strange behavior in the app that affects your ability to use it, please reach out to us on chat.golem.network, or contact@golem.network. Including screenshots and detailed descriptions of the issues you experience will help us find a solution or ship a fix in a future release.
  • Our app is secure, but there are always risks when altering your firewall settings and forwarding ports to us any app. Please take the proper precautions when configuring your machine to use Golem.

At Golem, we consider ourselves and our users to be pioneers of distributed computing. Exploring new territory has great potential rewards, and some expected level of risk. We hope you enjoy using Beta version of Brass. We would like to congratulate our users for helping us get this far, and we look forward to continuing this exciting journey with you.