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Golem Unlimited.

(Almost) production ready


What are the key benefits
of using Golem Unlimited

In-house computing network within just a few clicks

Golem Unlimited allows users to create an internal trusted network of computers with one of them, called the Hub being in charge. The Hub is a requestor and other computers in the company join it as providers.

Easy to use API with multi lang support

RESTful API compatible with JavaScript, and we offer bindings to several languages.

Our API allows you to easily integrate Golem Unlimited with your applications and run your calculations faster.

2MB installation package!

Download a 2MB installation package and run it on the computers in your network.

The Hub setup is very simple as well as the one for the Providers machines.

Key OSes support for providers

Install Golem Unlimited on a computer with an Ubuntu OS and make it a Hub.

Mix and match the systems in your providers’ network.

Multiple execution environments

Independently of the OS you are using, execute applications on the providers’ machines in three different ways:
•   host-direct mode
•   within a docker container
•   within the WASM sandbox.

Exposable to Golem Network

Use the Golem Unlimited Network beyond internal use. Make your Hub available in the Golem Network and start computing tasks directly to monetize your resources.
02.2.2 Golem Unlimited

Current use-cases

Hoard Compiler

Designed to unburden developers from typical distributed computing hassles: provisioning nodes, work distribution, data transfer and more. Golem Unlimited allows subnetwork management from a single web console.


Versatile package to perform molecular dynamics, i.e. simulate the Newtonian equations of motion for systems with hundreds to millions of particles. It is primarily designed for biochemical molecules like proteins, lipids and nucleic acids.


MPI is a message-passing application programmer interface, together with protocol and semantic specifications for how its features must behave in any implementation. Both point-to-point and collective communication are supported.
02.2.3 Golem Unlimited