01.3 use cases

Use cases

The Network Effect

Golem is a decentralized network for sharing and leveraging large amounts of computing power. The power required to perform critical tasks is available to your team through our vast and growing network of nodes, comprised of individual user machines. The Golem team is dedicated to creating an ecosystem for developers to build and share their own distributed task frameworks that harness the growing power of the Golem Network. We are actively seeking proposals for usescases, and will even collaborate directly with your team to make them a reality, to provide exposure for your work to a huge audience of users.

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02.1 What is Golem?


Benefits of Building with Us

Golem is on the bleeding-edge of distributed computing technology and has been making groundbreaking strides in network security, P2P networking, blockchain and decentralized marketplace mechanisms. Working with Golem provides more than access to computing resources and a built-in audience for your software. We strongly encourage other developers to team up with us and work together on integrating various software solutions with Golem. For the most promising usecase proposals, our team is poised to jumpstart cooperation with:

Benefits of Building with Us

  • A comprehensive review of your project’s potential to integrate with Golem
  • Technical cooperation on the integration with Golem
  • Assistance in setting up a plan to monetize your software using Golem, including licensing models
  • Financial support and mentorship for projects in initial phases
  • Larger financial contributions for the later stages of cooperation
  • Joint marketing activities for those integrations launched into production

Ultimately, Golem is going to be a platform for developers open for any type of computing tasks. We already invite you to integrate with the current version of Golem. Soon, however, we are going to release an experimental API to provide developers with more flexible and convenient tools to get started with creating Golem integrations on their own.

02.2 What is Golem?

The Perfect Fit

While there is great flexibility in how you can choose to develop your ideas with Golem, the best usecases generally meet the following guidelines:

  • Ability to run vast parts of a computing task in parallel without the need to often synchronize results.
  • Small or moderate size (below 1 GB, preferably below 300 MB) of inputs & outputs, so computation takes significantly more time than sending data. Outputs tend to be the most computationally expensive.
  • Non-sensitive
  • Deterministic result of computations or a simple algorithm to verify whether the result of computations is correct.
  • A working product with an established userbase.

Some examples of actual and potential uses for the Golem network include:

CGI Rendering and other VFX pipeline processs (Our first Usecase)
Testing Hyperparameters for Machine Learning Applications
Protein folding simulations for Scientific Computing
Video Transcoding for when you want to watch netflix
Photogrammetry Reconstruction
02.3 What is Golem?

Contact us directly

If you are not sure whether or not your idea would be a good fit for Golem, reach out to us and tell us more about what you plan to achieve. We are always excited to discuss new ideas with our users and potential partners.

The Golem Project is open source and was founded on a culture of collaboration and the free exchange of ideas. Reach out to contact@golem.network and connect with us!