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02.1 Golem Products

What is special
about Golem?

Best, market-driven pricing

Users determine prices, creating healthy competition. Our decentralized market allows participants to take advantage of prices that are significantly lower compared to traditional render farms.

Share your computing power and earn

Joining the marketplace is as easy as installing the Golem app. Users have full control over their involvement and potential earnings.

Industry Leading Community Support

Speak to our team directly via Chat, Email, and Social Media. We encourage feedback of all types from our users. Check our docs: https://docs.golem.network

Join Golem

•   Become a Requestor, use the power of Providers’ machines to render complex Blender scenes at low cost or using Golem as a backend or to compute tasks for your applications through gWASM.

•   You can also become Provider earning passive income by renting your idle computing resources to the Requestors.
•   Requestors can offset the cost of computations by becoming Providers themselves, when they are not working on their own projects.
02.2 Golem Products


Supporting now

Testnet Version

Install the Golem app in a few simple steps. Try it out on as many small tasks as you want. Keep testing until you know how it works and how to efficiently bid. Then you are ready for mainnet.

Clay on Mainnet

Add your .blend scenes with a simple drag&drop. Don't worry about the size limitations, the Golem network has unlimited power. Define your financial, time and security requirements and start leveraging the platform.

Optimize your resources

Use the Golem network when you need it to render faster, and offset your costs by becoming a provider - earn tokens by renting your resources to others when you don't use them.

CPU and GPU compatibility

Requesting CPU and GPU rendering is available on all operating systems - you can render independently of the hardware and software you use. Providing GPU resources is restricted to Linux users with NVidia cards for the time being.
02.3 Golem Products


gWASM - portable, easy and decentralized computations

Any code that can be compiled to WASM, can be distributed on Golem Network.

gWASM allows you to run WebAssembly binaries on providers’ machines by turning WASM into a container for heavy server-side parallel computations.

Decentralized backend for your apps

•   Easily create a decentralized application supported by the gWASM backend.

•   Integrate existing applications and services by moving computationally expensive parts to the Golem platform.


Run your code in a decentralized network

•   gWASM is an easy-to-use platform for distributed and parallel computations.

•   Convert your code to a WebAssembly binary and execute it in a decentralized manner - within the Golem Network.

02.4 Golem Products

Coming Soon: