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How does
it work?

Golem Network

Golem is a global marketplace for idle computing power. You can use Golem as a Requestor, to rent computing power and speed up your workflow, and/or as a Provider, renting your unused processing power to others in the network.

There is no third party involved. Simply install Golem and start earning money. GNT is sent between Providers and Requestors to pay for computations, ETH is used to cover transaction fees on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Users who want to render complex Blender scenes or animations can just submit the task to Golem, set the price they are willing to pay and wait for the Providers’ machines to pick up the job.
Users who want to rent out their idle computing power can decide what fraction of resources they are willing to use in Golem, set their desired earnings and wait for tasks to be assigned to their machines. That's it!

What is special
about Golem?

Best, market-driven pricing

Users determine prices, creating healthy competition. Our decentralized market allows participants to take advantage of prices that are significantly lower compared to traditional render farms.

Share your computing power and earn

Joining the marketplace is as easy as installing the Golem app. Users have full control over their involvement and potential earnings.

Industry Leading Community Support

Speak to our team directly via Chat, Email, and Social Media. We encourage feedback of all types from our users. [Help Documentation and FAQs](/documentation/understanding-beta).

Join Golem

Become a Requestor, who can use the power of Providers’ machines to render complex Blender scenes at low cost, or a Provider who can earn additional income by renting their idle computing resources to Requestors in the network.
On top of that, Requestors can offset the cost of computations by becoming Providers themselves, when they are not working on their own projects.
01.3 Rendering

Golem explained

01.4 Rendering

What you need
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The Essentials
How can I join Golem?

All you need to do is to install the app from our website. It will walk you through the setup process. If any problems arise, please use our video tutorials.

What’s the difference between Golem Rendering and a render farm?

Contrary to popular render farms, Golem is a network of providers offering computing power. They create a marketplace and that keeps prices competitive for Requestors.

What are minimum Requirements to run Golem?

We support Windows 10, OS X Sierra and higher, and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. In general, we recommend a processor with multiple cores and lots of RAM. Minimum requirements:

  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2 cores
  • 20 GB HDD
  • public IP or ability to forward ports or a router with UPnP activated

For more demanding renders, like the Production Benchmark, you will need at least:

  • 16 GB RAM
  • 6 cores
How do I pay for rendering?

Brass Golem is now on the mainnet, using real GNT and ETH. This is great news, as you can use the app to complete computations and to earn money. As a requestor you will need both GNT and ETH to commission tasks to the network.

How can I earn with Golem?

Providers can earn additional income by renting their idle computing resources to Requestors in the network. Joining the marketplace is as easy as installing the app. As a Provider, you will need ETH only for withdrawals of GNT.

What are the rendering prices?

Thanks to our decentralized market of computing power, users can take advantage of prices that are significantly lower compared to traditional render farms. Users always know how much they will pay before submitting a task to the network.

How to prepare files for Golem?

Golem supports all official Blender engines (Blender Render, Cycles Render) and uses settings from your .blend file. In the near future, we are going to add samples for Cycles, but for now, you should set your preferred samples amount inside Blender, before adding a task to the Golem app. If you are rendering heavy tasks, please make sure that you share/provide Golem with RAM (more than 8GB may be needed) to verify them properly. Scene files should be saved in .blend format - version 2.79.

Does Golem support random objects?

No, please ensure that your scene does not have any random objects. You can turn off “random” in your scene or before adding elements to Golem, prebake them, if needed, and attach cache files to the assets folder. For more on this you can review Blender’s documentation

What if I have a physical simulation in my scene?

For scenes like e.g. fire, water or complicated glass you should also use prebaking and attach cache files to the assets folder accordingly.

Are Blender plugins supported by Brass Golem?

We are in the process of plugin support research, so if you have any issues, reach out to our team via chat or email.

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